Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Technology Enablement

We will help you align your information technology systems with your business objectives while managing risks and effectively assisting you in meeting compliance requirements. With our well-planned GRC technology-enabling services, your business will receive many benefits including sound decision making, optimal investment, and reduction of fragmentation among functions and departments.

With such assistance, enterprises can build real value. They can drive operational excellence, become more responsive to the needs of the business, increase effectiveness of the IT system in supporting business processes, and generally improve governance and risk management.With GRC, Sejel aims to reduce risks, duplication of effort, and overall operational costs.

GRC strategy requires company-wide cooperation in order to achieve the desired results. As experts, we will make a concerted effort to get insight from each and every stakeholder in the company. We will ensure that each party plays its rightful role in ensuring the success of a particular strategy.

With Sejel GRC Services, you will enhance your business reputation, meet compliance requirements, and acquire real business value. We will help you leverage real-time monitoring and analysis and prepare your business for the unexpected, while at the same time complying with regulatory requirements.

It is essential to have an effective GRC strategy in today’s business world, but most find this especially challenging when it comes to implementation. In many companies, GRC processes operate in silos leading to multiplicity of systems and frameworks. We are here to help you avoid falling into such pitfalls. We will help you implement a GRC framework that shifts cost to value.

We mix real-time monitoring, reporting, and analysis to assist businesses in complying with regulations and be well prepared for any event. We focus on five main services in addressing specific, high-profile business challenges. They include:

  • IT risk and compliance
  • Concurrent audit
  • Segregation of duties
  • Continuous control monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance

With our strategies for the implementation of a comprehensive and innovative GRC, we enable business organizations to tackle multiple factors that are important in managing and controlling enterprise risks. These include:

  • Regulatory changes
  • Decentralized operating model
  • High number of control failures
  • Talent management
  • Process standardization
  • Cost reduction
  • Fragmented risk and compliance functions

When they adopt an effective GRC system, business leaders challenge the way they think, respond, and manage risk. We assist them in understanding the risks that are related to each business strategy and find effective ways to respond. We tailor our GRC approach in such a way that we integrate risk and performance management, helping businesses to gain a competitive advantage in this area.

Our GRC approach takes into account business risk strategy based on objectives, risk tolerance, investments, and operating models in order to determine the overall risk landscape and strategic enablers. With this comprehensive approach, we create a structure that adequately responds to new risk, compliance, and regulatory needs.

With today’s fast changing business environment, companies must look at risk with new lenses. They must take an innovative approach to managing GRC activities, which will help them seize opportunities and stay ahead of their competition.

The Sejel GRC team can assist your business in driving its performance and achieve greater heights. We can transform your perception and capitalize on risk management. We will align your GRC activities to improve your performance by using the right resources to help you transform your program from a reactive, check-the-box exercise into a tool which can anticipate and mitigate risk. We combine perspective with internal audit as well as controls testing and monitoring solutions to guide your business towards a holistic approach to GRC.

With a strong GRC strategy, your business will experience the following benefits. Your company will:

  • Minimize your risk through aggressive identification and addressing potential risk.
  • Strengthen your compliance through regular audit and control monitoring activities.
  • Increase your profitability by reducing compliance costs and leakage.

Enhance your reputation by adhering to compliance requirements.

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