CEO Message

Sejel Technology lives up to its definition, a Digital record-setting firm, an industry leader and an exemplary company. The firm provides a Kingdom wide IT services, management services and consultation. Sejel focuses on technology development, deployment and providing high-end IT management strategies as well as the turn-key solutions that help business in their day to day operations.

Sejel takes pride in its commitment to innovation, thought out solutions both at individual and corporate levels.Since its inception in 2002, the company has proved itself to be a leader in IT management consulting and technological development. It has been identified as a dynamic and progressive firm, one that has positioned itself as a premier developer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.The company has through its prudence and corporate values successfully navigated through regulatory and environmental challenges, growing steadily, remained resilient and focus on the bigger picture.With our well-aligned mix of internal stability, strong partnerships and initiatives; we have helped to match our expertise and professionalism with the community needs and requirement. This led to a wide range of services in the areas of technology deployment and IT solutions.

Over the years, we have managed to deliver a highly successful and pioneer IT project in partnerships with public and private sectors.Among the many systems and projects that we have delivered is the automation of the operation for Hajj and Umrah services processes through building and operating state-of-art information centers and dynamic platforms in the Hajj and Umrah industry that are closely integrated with many local and international stakeholders.Continuing our successes achievements, we plan to enhance and invent more unique and pioneer projects within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and internationally. We will tirelessly continue to pursue new fronts, build new partnerships that will help maximize value creation for our customers and stakeholders.

Best Wishes,

Ahmed Ghamri


Who we are

Sejel is an established limited liability company focusing on Information Communication Technology (ICT) Management Consultancy. Sejel Services includes IT Management Consultancy, Enterprise integrated technology solutions, and Turnkey solutions and another IT services like cyber security and Big Data analyses.

Sejel is specialized in investing and operating under the Build, Operate and Transfer investment model (BOT). As a strategic ICT Management Consulting company, Sejel can partner with our clients to invest and deliver their projects and provide guidance, consultation, and strategic leadership.  Leveraging the strength and corporate expertise of our affiliates and partners, we can help both public sector and private sector companies implement innovative e-solutions and improve key management, financial and operational metrics and provide a quick Return on Investment (ROI) and provide most of the innovative IT services like business continuity, GRC, digital transformation, IT service management and operation, our main goal is to provide the best values and IT solutions.


“To  Transform Businesses to the New Style of IT through Hybrid IT solutions that make XaaS the efficient and scalable”

And to be the leading e IT solution provider, recognized for its efforts, profitable investment and its ability to provide solutions which are effective and maintain business partnership for delivering complete satisfaction to our customers and associates.

Success Stories

  • Build Operate Transfer – Ministry Of Hajj Data Center
  • Integration with NIC for handling Umrah Visitors Entry & Exit Data.
  • Global e-Payment Gateway for Haj & Umrah packages.
  • Build Operate Develop External Hajj system.
  • Build Operate Develop Local Hajj system.
  • Integration with the Information Center of MOFA.
  • Integration with GACA
  • Integration with SCTH
  • Operating Tafweej Project for Ministry of Haj 1435 H & 1436 H
  • Operate IT department of Madina Water Authority
  • Develop ERP for NCP
  • E-Services for ADAHI project for IDB
  • Oracle database administration and licence for government sectors
  • Servers and system administration for government sectores

Quality Policy

We believe in customer satisfaction through effective application system as defined in

  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO 20000:2000
  • ISO 27001:2015

We aim at improving quality and continuous growth with affordable policy. We aim at satisfying our customers through diversification and integration of our experience, expertise and professionalism

In this context we have developed our skills in line with the quality approach through obtaining the necessary certification. To us obtaining these certification is not an end in itself; our main concern remains continuous improvement in our services all aimed at gaining customer confidence and trust.

Our Mission, Values, and Motto

Our mission is to leverage our partnership with the government organization, leading IT companies and other institutions to help our clients achieve high level strategic planning in on their day to day operations.

We aim at giving our clients unique combinations of advantages:

  • A fresh insight in their enterprises, where they are able to challenge the current assumptions and status quo with an aim of achieving dramatic enterprise improvement.
  • Total business solution where we effectively help in all areas of business enterprise
  • Attitude, where aspire to earn client’s trust through delivering on our promises and forming a formidable partnership with a focus to assist the client achieve the laid goals and objectives.

Our Goals

  • Trust and respect our clients and co-workers.
  • Teamwork to achieve results and success.
  • Act with agility to the challenges that are presented to us.
  • Uncompromising trust and integrity.
  • Promote employee development.


  • We deliver cutting edge technology through integrating multiple government sectors. We elevate partnership to the top level and direct information technology service provider to help and support our customers
  • We approach change in a manner that it will help improve delivery of services
  • Our vast expertise, experience and knowledge display the fact that we have a clear vision and goal that clients can use to implement information technological that will lay down a solid foundation for any business.


Our other services span these areas from business analysis and business process management, governance risk and compliance, Project management services, application development, big data analytics and business intelligence, IT operations management, cloud computing, technical customer support.

Our Models

Sejel specializes in a project financing under the model of investment known as Built Operate and Transfer (BOT). This is an investment financing and operating model that has gained prominence over the years primarily in infrastructural project. It allows direct private sector investment in infrastructural projects. Under this model, Sejel undertakes to facilitate the construction and operation of IT infrastructural facilities for a stipulated period of time. As a project owner, the customer will pay a contractor a specified amount of money which in most cases comes as a fixed sum, linked to output or a combination of two depending on the negotiated agreement. The fee normally covers the operation cost, both fixed and variable as well as the recovery of the capital which has been invested by the contractor. In all this arrangement, the ownership of the infrastructural project will rest with the project owner.In this model a private firm or a consortium agrees with the customer which can be either be a public or private entity. The agreement dwells on the investment on an infrastructural project, where the private firm or a consortium embarks on securing funds to finance the construction of the project.

Sejel is at the heart of this ensuring that the arrangement takes place, it will help in sourcing out the private firm or a consortium and on behalf of the client smooth out all the details. The next step in this model is operations, where the project developer operates, maintains and manages the facility for an agreed concession period for the purposes of recouping the investment. The private developer charges for the use of the facility. Once the concessionary period is over, the private firm or the consortium will transfer the ownership and operation to the project owner.As an entity in the BOT arrangement you will benefit of the ability of private company mobilizing finance and use of the best practices in the construction, operation and maintenance of the facility. Governments or public sector will benefit from the efficiency and quality that characterize the private sector. The arrangementalso provides a mechanism and incentives for business to improve efficiency through output and performance based contracts. The fact that the projects are conducted fully through competitive bidding means that the infrastructures will be completed at the least cost possible.

Sejel will play an active in ensuring that the customer gain from the arrangement, with its expertise and knowledge the firm will carry out all the requirement with due diligence with the customer interest at heart. We are giving you an opportunity to undertake large infrastructural projects through transferring the project risks to the private sector. The duration and costs which may be expended in actual realization of the preliminary process may be a challenge; we embark to ensure that it runs smoothly. Our expertise and experience in this kind of arrangement gives us an upper hand.


We work closely with the customer, talking to the company or organization principle and key personnel. This allows us to learn about the entity operating systems; both inside and outside. Through this, we are able to come up with a customized approach and solution as well as develop innovative mechanisms through which address the business concerns effectively. We make recommendations based on our finding while taking full responsibility for the implementation of the suggested ideas.We partner with our clients to invest and deliver projects, providing guidance, consultation and strategic leadership. We leverage the strength and corporate expertise of our partners and affiliates to assist both public and private sector organizations implement innovative solutions and improve key management, financial and operational metrics as well as give quick return on in investment.

Our model of intervention

We start by analyzing the situation as it is, develop a scene which represents the ideal situation, locate the differences between the two scenarios and develop a plan to correct the outpoints which are obstacles to achievement of the ideal situation. Armed with data, we logically and in a fast progression examine areas which can be improved, prioritize in them and develop process which can help in their improvement. Our team spends adequate time on site working with client people in order to improve their ability to achieve goals and objectives. We practice process consulting, we do not present our clients with pre-packages, one size fits all solution, and we take each situation as different.



    • At 2012 Sejel is the best E-Solution Provider Excellence Award in Middle East .
    • At 2013, MOH Data center is the runner-up best datacenter in Middle East.
    • At 2013, Ahmed Ghamri Best ICT CEO Excellence Award in Middle East.
    • At 2014, Smart Government Application Excellence Award for MOH Applications.
    • At 2015, Sejel is the Best Turn-key Solution provider in KSA from International Finance Magazine London.
    • At 2016 Sejel is the Best e-Payment Solution provider in KSA from International Finance Magazine London.