Mutamer Electronic Data Entry (MEEDP)

Sejel has created an Integrated Way for the Ministry of Interior to retrieve and enter Passport Information electronically for all Umrah Visa Applicants and avoid the need to re-enter Information thus saving more than 95% of time.

The Impact

Passport Information Data Entry Time went down from 7 minutes to 45 seconds! , Have correct Mutamer Entry & Exit Data and Real- Time Mutamer Entry & Exit Data Processing

Business Partners
  • Ministry Of Hajj
  • Ministry Of Interior
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  • Local and Internationals Banks
  • Umrah Application Service Provider (UASP)
  • Umrah Operators (UO)
  • Umrah External Agents (EA)
  • Mutamers
Products and Technologies
  • Sejel Custom Developed Software.
  • Oracle Database
  • TIBCO Integration Software
  • Unix & Windows NT Platform