Unified Portal for Umrah

To provide all necessary Data for the approval of Visa Issuance electronically between the Ministry of Hajj, the National Information Center and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, noting the Date of Arrival, Date of Departure and the Mutamer’s allocation during his stay while in Saudi Arabia.

The Impact

The Visa Issuance Time went down from 2 weeks to 2 days. Umrah operators have a seamless relationship with Government Agencies. Ministries are more efficient in handling the Visa Applications.

Interesting facts
  • 65 Million applications for Umrah processing visa.
  • 100 Thousand applications for Umrah visa processing per day.
  • 200 Million processing of Umrah pilgrimage season
  • 7 Million Umrah visa applications processed in season.
Business Partners
  • Sejel Technology.
  • Ministry Of Hajj
  • Ministry Of Interior
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  • Local and Internationals Banks
  • Umrah Application Service Provider (UASP)
  • Umrah Operators (UO)
  • Umrah External Agents (EA)
  • Mutamers
Products and Technologies
  • Sejel Custom Developed Software.
  • Oracle Database
  • TIBCO Integration Software
  • Unix & Windows NT Platform
  • CISCO Network Routers