Application Development

In our highly active digital environment, customers demand quick, personalized, and intuitive applications that allow them to incentivize their time spent. Sejel aims at delivering highly customized digital products to improve business performance. We implement methodologies that need minimal or low human interactions, the kind that assist in progressive transformation of people, data, processes, and technology. With our application development services, we have distinguished ourselves as the leaders in next generation digital and consulting services in the KSA information technology market. We have over 16 years of experience in delivering world class IT services. We have assisted our clients in both private and public sectors in successfully navigating their digital journey and have helped them institute deliveries that meet their business needs. Our mission is to assist customers in achieving their objectives by giving them platforms that provide innovative, top notch consulting, relevant information technology solutions, and services.

Our development services portfolio includes:

Digital transformation management

With the importance placed on digital transformation in the survival of a business, it is paramount that this is adequately managed to minimize failure. Because digital transformation is such a challenging task, companies must work with a service provider who has the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver successful systems. The rich pool of talent at Sejel will develop a successful digital transformation process. We put change management at the center of our digital transformation vision, ensuring that all are brought on board. With time, you will begin to understand and appreciate how the system has helped to improve your business performance. We are proud of our achievements in the digital transformation journeys of our customers. We have successfully delivered several nation-wide projects with proven methodologies and technologies.

Modern technologies development

We appreciate that mobile technologies run our lives today. For instance, in the case of smartphones, tablets, and portable computers, targeted audiences are using them for their day to day activities. Businesses should place themselves at a level where they can offer their services fast and seamlessly. Sejel is the right partner to help them achieve this. We are steadily investing and contributing to technological evolutions. We are constantly seeing emerging trends and quickly adopting them. We are in a position to recommend technologies that can steer your enterprise forward. With our experience and expertise, we are capable of delivering solutions that will improve business performance and enhance efficiency and productivity. We offer varied services in web development, artificial intelligence, DevOps , and cloud services, among others.

Agile culture

Using agile development methodology, we will help transform your core IT into a service-oriented digital platform. Your business needs for quality, speed, and agility will be well served through the adoption of our agile culture. We will help create value by implementing methodologies that deliver the required system at a far reduced cost while also promising the best fit for use. Our experience in agile methodology guarantees development of systems that will address your business needs. Agile culture is known for accelerated delivery, creation of value, feedback systems, and allowing a process of continuous planning and feedback.

Business process excellence

Using new technology, we will help improve the operational performance of your systems and create processes that make a significant impact on the progress of your business.

Excellent customer experience

A positive customer experience results in a happy customer and also helps in increasing revenue. We build systems that will make your customers happy, leading to higher satisfaction. It is through this kind of support that the customer experience will be improved, leading to better business performance.

Our technological development experience is spread across a wide spectrum, it includes:

  • Web application
  • Enterprise resource processes
  • Internet items
  • Mobile apps development
  • Agile development
  • DevOps implementation
  • Identity management
  • API driven development
  • Cloud computing
  • Design and architecture

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