Big Data Analytics

With the explosion of data generated by business systems, enterprises are struggling to leverage this data to get insights or apply it in decision-making. As one of the services offered at Sejel, data analytics and business intelligence is meant to help businesses use their data to get a competitive advantage. We advise firms on how they can present their system user with visualization and reporting tools in order to understand and use it. We focus on business intelligence strategies, data preparation, data visualization, data warehousing, geospatial analytics, predictive analytics, and general reporting needs.

Our services leverage huge amounts of data into actionable insights about enterprises and their clients. We help in accelerating decision making processes through assisting our client in using tech-driven processes for data analysis and presented actionable information. With our cost effective and holistic data analysis and BI services, we provide enterprises with a foundation for analysis and insight that help in making sound business decisions, enable them to take bold action, and expedite the execution process.


Sejel data analytics and business intelligence consultants have led the nation in specific BI projects, leveraging methodologies, tools, and best practices that have given businesses innovations and insights, thus stimulating exponential growth. Continuous investment in training, forming key tech partnerships, and research and development keep our consultants on the cutting edge, ready to offer the best to our clients. Our cost effective delivery models seamlessly blend resources, balancing reach with local accountability and ensuring excellence regardless of location or complexity of the project.

Data Analytic Life Cycle Process

These are the stages that we go through during the course of our data analytic process:

  • Defining the problem
  • Developing hypothesis
  • Collect
  • Explore
  • Clean and select data
  • Determining methods
  • Techniques and workflow
  • Analyze data
  • Validating the model
  • Link insights
  • Give recommendations
  • Evaluate plans on how insights will be delivered to clients

Our data analysis and business intelligence services include the following:


Advisory Services

  • Data Analytics Strategy: This helps in outlining the data analytics fields that are necessary in keeping in line with clients’ long-term visions and reveal potential hidden data.
  • Data Governance: This helps clients understand the value of data governance within the enterprise and ensure success.
  • Master Data Management: This involves creating and managing accurate reports and alerts.

Delivery Services

  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Data warehousing
  • Big data

Data Science Services

  • Predictive modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things

Data Engineering Services

  • Data modeling
  • Data quality which includes data cleansing, enrichment, and removal of redundant data
  • Data processing
  • Data architecture assessment

Data Analytics Framework

  • Drive desired business outcomes
  • Analytics capabilities: Reports, dashboard, data recovery, data preparation, and predictive analytics
  • Process and governance: Collecting user requirements, developing ETLmodels, and training in data discovery, validation, and provision data sets
  • Data capabilities: ERP, Data Lake, Business application
  • Role and skills: Business expertiseand skills in IT, data and analytics


  • Applied to derive business driven outcome analytics
  • Defining outcomes
  • Identifying required capabilities
  • Assessing the readiness of the required capabilities
  • Establishing schedules and milestones

Our data team includes:

  • Data engineer who specializes in SQL, ETL data integration, and software development
  • Analytics modeler with specialization in statistics and data visualization
  • Visualization expert who is strong in communication, collaboration, infographic design, and creativity skills
  • Data scientist highly skilled in advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Infographic designer who is highly proficient in Adobe Illustrator

What sets us apart from others?

  • A highly experienced and skilled team of data analysts and business intelligence experts
  • Extensive knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms
  • High skills in data visualization using latest tools such as Power BI and Tableau
  • High analytics expertise
  • Expertise in writing periodic statistical and analytical reports
  • Expertise in social media analytics
  • High level of information design skills among others

With our highly experienced and knowledgeable team, you can rest assured that your business will effectively use data to create a competitive advantage, make sound decisions, and leverage on business intelligence to build a successful enterprise.

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