IT Service Management


The role of IT Operations needs to adapt to the ever changing demands especially those associated with digital business. Sejel addresses these challenges through the implementation of best of breed IT Operations Management (ITOM) technologies using industry specific best practices. Sejel focuses on the main three pillars (Performance Analysis, Delivery Automation and Experience Management)

Sejel Methodology in the implementation of these tools follows a proven approach that includes planning, analysis (discover/workshops), configuration (setup/modification) and deployment, in addition to port production period of support and knowledge transfer.

  • Advisory IT Operations Management Services
    • Strategy definition: Outline the ITOM strategy addressing current processes and the gap to achieve the business outcome as well as technology mapping and defining a road map for implementation.
    • Product Selections: includes technology and products selection services to help organizations map their requirements and needs with their goals and strategy.
  • Implementation of IT Operations Management Services- Product Implementations using industry relevant best practices
  • Manage Service Operation Managements- complete management of ITOM tools, from monitoring to updates/ upgrades and knowledge transfer/training.
  • Performance Analysis Services- to define Performance Analysis strategy to packages implementations using industry best practices to support organizations in getting greater visibility into their digital application and monitor and manage the availability and performance of various elements in the IT infrastructure
    • IT Infrastructure Monitoring– Capture the availability of the various IT infrastructure components whether on premise or hosted in the cloud. Collect resources utilization metrics and perform historical data analysis of server, networks, database instances, hypervisors and storage
    • Application Performance Monitoring- Monitor and diagnose problems with applications; for root cause analysis and analysis for improving the performance of applications
    • Algorithmic IT operations– Monitor and diagnose problems with applications; for root cause analysis and analysis for improving the performance of applications
    • Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnosis– Monitor the performance and availability of network components. Monitor the network traffic and identify performance optimization opportunities. Conduct diagnostics, and root cause analysis of network components
    • Digital Experience Monitoring- Measure the quality of a digital agent’s interactions with an enterprise’s digital business offerings. Gather data from multiple applications and services, across multiple channels, to observe and measure the quality of the digital experience. This is done through JavaScript injection and endpoint monitoring

Delivery Automation Services

Sejel through the implementation of best of breed solutions and market leading technologies in automation helps organizations reduce error rates, increase productivity and cut costs through a wide variety of automation solutions.

  • Network Automation- Automation of IT workload to overcome the manual tasks and scheduled jobs. This done Workload automation tools that use standards-based integration — for example, using Web services to integrate with various platforms and services
  • IT & Business Process Automation – Automate network provisioning, and configuration automation through:
    • Network configuration and change management
    • Virtual Network Configuration Automation
    • Network Configuration Automation
  • Application Release Automation– Adopting DevOps and continue delivery with frequent releases has driven the automation of application release through:
    • Automation of best practices in moving related artifacts, applications, configurations and data to different environment
    • Automate the approval and workflow management of the release
  • Server Automation- Maintain a current and accurate state of the server operating systems deployed both physically and virtually through: –
    • Server provision automation
    • Server configuration automation
    • Server patch management automation
  • Experience Management Services  Sejel addresses the improvement of the overall quality and efficiency of the IT services delivered through a phased approach while allowing organization to mature in their adoption of these technologies.
  • Automate tasks and workflows associated with the management and delivery of IT services:
  • Incident and Problem Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • SLA Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Self-Service/Request Fulfillment
  • IT Knowledge Management
  • Better define and delivery IT services and improves efficiency of service requests:
    • Business Service Catalogue
    • IT Service Catalogue
    • Enterprise Service Portfolio
Key Differentiators
  • Improve the overall level of quality and efficiency of IT services.
  • Reduce labour costs and improve process execution reliability, repeatability and efficiency.
  • Improve business performance and customer experience quality by minimizing the time and effort required to predict, isolate and resolve problems across the IT infrastructure.
  • Measure and report on the key KPIs for availability, performance and capacity.
  • Provide actionable insights to business stakeholders in support of their goals.
  • Accelerators to modernize IT Service Management
  • Allows running IT like a Business with complete portfolio and financial visibility
  • Elimination of service outages