Project Management Office(PMO)

Implementing successful projects is an essential component for the survival and sustainability of any organization. Proper identification, planning, and execution of projects all play an important role in ensuring the success of these endeavors. Sound project management activities are at the heart of this. An organization must get these right in all project management endeavors. One way of ensuring this is to work with project management experts–people who have the capacity to see a successful delivery of project.

As a business organization, there is a need to ensure that each project is allocated the right resources in the correct amount to meet its needs. Projects need to use the same standards when it comes to planning, management of change, templates, coding, configurations, documentation, tracking, and testing. With multiple projects moving hand-in-hand, there is a need to confirm proper coordination. This will ensure consistency, accuracy, and timely delivery. Project management services can yield a project environment that is geared toward delivery of successful projects. This is what will ensure that projects that are identified and delivered align with business organization objectives.

Sejel has what it takes to help with sound project management and delivery. We focus on meeting the key challenges that organizations face while undertaking projects. We ensure that there is proper coordination and syncing between the resources of varied skills sets and keep an eye on the overall return on investment. Our in-depth knowledge on project management and the experience we have gained in the course of implementing projects in varied industry sectors make us an ideal partner for PMO services.

Sejel has designed and implemented a number of projects both in public and private sector organizations. We have successfully run projects spanning different areas, allowing us to gain knowledge and experience that businesses can utilize to ensure sound delivery of their project endeavors.

With a properly designed project management system, organizations get:

  • Functional capabilities to coordinate all changes across the enterprise.
  • Capabilities that lead to efficient use of resources and the best alignment with each strategy.
  • Best practice guidelines on different aspects of project management, from the generation of ideas to the successful delivery of the end product.
  • Consistency in standards for all change activities.
  • Effective controls and reporting in place to provide senior executives and leadership with current information to support their decision-making processes.

You can trust Sejel to help in conceptualizing, designing, and deploying a project management program that is customized to fit your business culture and level of project management maturity. With a sound project management plan, you will standardize project activities, helping your organization achieve synergy and seamless deliveries. At Sejel, we have the industry experience and professionalism to help you in building an entity that will deliver successful projects. Whether you are considering building a project management

team or outsourcing project management services, you have the right partners–people who will help transform your project management experience.

Below are some of the project management functions that are supported for our customers:

  • Methodologies: Adoption and implementation of project management methodologies, standards, and templates for assigned projects.
  • Tools implementation: Project management tools for real-time implementation and project visibility.
  • Project reporting: Real-time reporting across project development phases.
  • Expertise and guidance.
  • Project repository: Inputting project documentation into a centralized repository.
  • Project planning and execution support that improves team structure and includes the right resources
  • Project management and control: Continuous monitoring of phases and milestones, identifying deviations, exercising risk analysis, and management in all the project phases.

What your business will get with our project management services:

  • Ability to deliver projects on time, on budget, and according to specifications.
  • Improvement of overall communication and coordination of project stakeholders.
  • Enhance performance of IT functions and departments.
  • Scope control through standard change control.
  • Timely realization of milestones.
  • Ability to meet compliance requirements and standards.
  • More agile and responsive project organization.

Timely identification, analysis, and management of project risks.

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